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About Leslie A. Soley, Attorney at Law

Leslie A. Soley is a highly experienced attorney based in downtown Fresno, California. Carrying on her mother Judith Leslie Soley’s legacy and the practice she founded in 1986, Leslie’s firm focuses on family law, mediation, and divorce cases for clients throughout the Central Valley.


The Team

Leslie’s firm focuses on mediation, family law, and divorce cases for clients throughout the Central Valley. The practice consistently seeks the best possible outcomes for families during some of the most trying times in their lives, taking a personal approach with every client and giving them dedicated attention while pursuing successful resolutions on their behalf.


Areas of Practice

Mediation - Homepage


Not every divorce or family dispute needs to end up in the courtroom. If you and your spouse are open to pursuing a conversation with the help of a neutral third party to decide your divorce’s course of action, mediation might be right for you.



The decision to divorce is never an easy one. Between splitting your assets, sharing custody of your children, and ending your time as a couple, the changes can feel overwhelming — on top of the legalities of the situation.

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Child Custody

Deciding how to share the custody of your child/children is one of the most crucial pieces in your divorce process.

Child Support

Child Support

It’s crucial to have an experienced family law attorney on your side during the determination of child support.


Family Law

Family law is not limited to divorce proceedings. Leslie and her office also assist with everything from adoptions to child support and custody modifications.

Collaborative Law - Homepage

Collaborative Law

A somewhat new concept in the legal world, collaborative law is a route for people to resolve their divorce issues in an open and respectful manner, reaching a mutual settlement through the exchange of interests, ideas and options.